North Korea acknowledged just a month ago that KOVID-19 had reached its territory after denying the existence of cases for more than two years, but it is possible that Pyongyang is already preparing to declare victory over the epidemic, BTA reported, citing the Associated Press.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 31651

North Korean media have reported that the country has escaped mass deaths - which many expected in a nation with one of the world's worst health systems, limited or zero access to vaccines and what outside observers see as a long-standing disregard for their people's suffering.

However, according to daily media reports, it appears that Pyongyang will completely defeat the virus, which has killed more than 6 million people worldwide.

The number of daily cases is falling sharply, and although 18% of the 26 million population reported symptoms suspected to be due to KOVID-19, fewer than 100 people died.

The South Korean government and some experts believe that it is possible that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will soon declare that it has defeated the virus - thanks, of course, to the strong and wise leadership of Kim Jong Un.

North Korea with a new decline in fever-infected

However, it is uncertain whether Pyongyang will officially declare victory.

According to some experts, this will deprive the government of a useful control tool and could ridicule it if cases continue to arise.

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The Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19)