The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca today spoke about the visit he paid days ago to the leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) who are on trial in The Hague.

Konjufca, before holding a meeting with the President of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo, Mehmet Kraja in a statement to the media said that he met everyone during his visit to The Hague and as he said everyone was very good with health.

The Speaker of the Assembly indicated that they are dissatisfied with the judicial process.

"I visited Thaçi, Veselin, Krasniqi, Selimi and also Gucat, Haradinaj and Shala.

As you know for Salih Mustafa it is a more complicated process, he was in isolation until a month ago.

Everyone I saw is very healthy, strong-willed and stable.

"Their concern is that there are allegations of some violations that are being committed in the procedures, for which there is no grievance mechanism," he said.

according to him, this court is absolutist and under no one's control.

"In this sense, they are dissatisfied, as are the people of Kosovo, with the indictments that are weighing on them, leaving room for the inclusion of the KLA, the general staff of the KLA," said Konjufca.