Delicious before flying @ King Power Suvarnabhumi meets all the needs of travelers.

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22 Jun 2022 5:16 a.m.





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Experience the new look of a complete food empire

Responding to all lifestyles of travelers, welcome to the latest travel, King Power Suvarnabhumi has made a new look in both shopping and dining areas to meet the needs of travelers in a more complete way.

By selecting 12 leading restaurants, delicious restaurants from both sides of the continent to serve deliciousness before travelling western food

or western food

Available now at King Power at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

favorite foodie

If you like Asian food, we recommend Thai Street Food, a street food restaurant that uses local ingredients that are famous in different regions of the country.

Thai food is meticulously prepared at the 2nd floor of the Domestic Terminal and B1 floor, the connection to the Airport Rail Link station, S&P shops, restaurants and bakeries.

For everyone in the family on the 3rd floor of the passenger terminal, IMM Rice &

Noodle, a restaurant serving Thai food, both rice and noodles from original recipes passed down from generation to generation on the 2nd floor of the domestic terminal building, Kanom shop (Khanom), a famous snack and bakery shop on the 2nd floor. Domestic terminal, Kin Japanese Restaurant, Japanese and international restaurant

At the 3rd floor of the passenger terminal KOSUKE Japanese Fusion Restaurant located at the 4th floor of the International Departure Concourse, Concourse D The Villa Halal, a 100% authentic Thai-Halal restaurant located at the concourse International Departures, 4th Floor, Concourse C

And for travelers who travel to Europe and want to taste the food before traveling, we recommend Coffee World, 4th Floor, Concourse B, Concourse F and B1 Floor, Airport Rail Link Connectivity, Mc Donald's, 4th Floor, Con course D, Concourse F and 3rd Floor, Passenger Terminal Burger King at the 2nd Floor, Domestic Terminal, 3rd Floor, Passenger Terminal and International Departures Concourse, 4th Floor, Concourse D, etc.