The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission (KRRE) by the end of this week must approve the changes in the tariff system for the universal electricity supplier which will set four blocks of tariffs for the high daily tariff, respectively for energy. expensive electricity.

The blocks will be valid only for expensive energy and it is foreseen that in the first block there will be consumers consuming up to 210 kilowatt hours of electricity, in the second block from 211 to 420, in the third block from 421 to 630 and in the block of third over 630 kilowatt hours of electricity.

The blocks will apply to all citizens.

"For the one who spends a lot, there is a guaranteed price for the first block, a guaranteed price for the second block, a guaranteed price for the third block.

If you spent 650 kilowatt hours at an expensive rate, 210 kilowatt hours are guaranteed at the price of the first block, from 210 to 420 at the price of the second block, from 420 to 630 at the price of the third block and only 20 kilowatts hours, ie the difference from 630 to 650 kilowatts you will pay with the price for the fourth block, explained recently the president of KRRE, Marko Bislimoski.

By Friday, June 24 at the latest, the ESM must submit a bid in the tender for the supply of universal electricity supplier for the needs of the regulated market.

ESM is expected to submit a bid for electricity losses in the MEPSO and electrodistribution grid.

MEPSO and electrodistribution have already submitted a request to KRRE to increase their share in the price of electricity by 60 to 80 percent.

The price that ESM will offer will determine how much the universal supplier EVN Home will ask for, while exactly the part of the universal supplier will mostly affect the price at which citizens will pay for electricity after July 1 of this year. .

Last year ESM offered the price of 41 euros per megawatt hour for 100 percent of EVN Home needs and full coverage of network losses that MEPSO and Elektrodistribimi have.