The access of jeeps to the Seven Rila Lakes is suspended from July 1 to the end of September.

They also limit the number of tourists due to the swamping of the lakes and the erosion of the terrain.

Recent research shows that the condition of the lakes is disturbing and they are gradually disappearing.  

The starting station of the lift for the Seven Rila Lakes is usually the place from which dozens of jeeps, irregularly full of tourists, go to the mountain.

At the foot of the lakes, tourists do not approve of this type of transport in Rila.

The Rila lakes are under threat of turning into swamps

Vladimir Milushev, director of the Rila National Park, says there is a real problem with the lakes.

We are losing them, it has been scientifically proven.

The reason is the increased human pressure - the erosion of the paths, some of them unregulated, earth masses are slipping on them, he explained, quoted by Nova TV.

According to tourists, jeeps are unnecessary and represent additional pollution and noise.

Over the years, the jeep transport business in Rila has been very profitable.

In one summer, illegal carriers collect thousands of levs - without paying taxes, and without complying with any laws.

However, not only jeeps are a problem for Rila.

According to tourists, the activities that the National Park is taking in the name of directing the flow of tourists only in certain routes are ill-considered and can also have severe consequences for nature.

Every year the influence of the human presence on nature in Rila increases.

That is why calls are already being heard to look for ways to reduce the number of tourists in the mountains. 

Filmed tourists bathing in the "Eye"

Rila Park warns once again that bathing and entry into the seven Rila lakes is prohibited.

Eyewitnesses of such violations, who are the fastest and safest to swamp the lakes, can call the hotlines in the park directorate.

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