The Russian Foreign Ministry has demanded the immediate lifting of Lithuania's "hostile" restrictions on rail transit of EU-sanctioned goods in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Located between Poland and Lithuania, European Union and NATO member states, Kaliningrad is supplied with goods and gas from Russia via railways and gas pipelines passing through Lithuania.

Lithuania announced last week that it will stop the transport in rail transit from Russia to Kaliningrad, of goods that are subject to EU sanctions, Telegrafi reports.

The list of EU-sanctioned goods includes metals, coal, construction structures and advanced technology.

"If in the near future the transit of goods between Kaliningrad and the rest of the Russian Federation through Lithuania does not resume, then Russia has the right to make decisions that protect national interests," the ministry said in a statement on Monday. Russian Foreign.

The ministry said it had summoned the Lithuanian ambassador to Moscow from Lithuania to protest the "provocative" and "hostile" measures.

The Kremlin said Monday morning that Lithuania's decision was "unprecedented" and "contrary to all principles". 

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