The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama is staying in Kosovo, due to the meeting of the two governments that will be held today.

Rama arrived yesterday in Pristina, where he then went to visit the family of former President Hashim Thaçi, in Burojë of Skenderaj.

While meeting with the family of the former president of Kosovo, who is in detention in The Hague, he expressed his happiness that he visited Hashim Thaçi in The Hague, and even considered him as a brother.

"Hashim was very good, both with health and humor.

He read a lot, but also trained.

On the form before entering, I wrote: I will meet him because I miss him.

"I have Hashim as my brother", said Rama.

Today, Prime Minister Rama distributed some photos from this meeting, where he wrote "Good morning and with the emotions of the visit to the family of President Thaçi, I wish you a good week".

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