The Lithuanian Chargé d'Affaires has been summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

APA's Moscow correspondent reports that the reason was Lithuania's decision to suspend the transit of a number of goods from Russia's Kaliningrad region.

"The head of the diplomatic mission was strongly protested against the ban imposed by Vilnius on the transit of a wide range of goods from Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region by rail without prior notice from the Russian side.

These restrictions were required to be removed immediately.

We stated that we consider Lithuania's provocative steps in violation of its obligations under international law, first of all, the Russian Federation and the European Union Joint Declaration on transit between Kaliningrad Oblast and the rest of the Russian Federation, as open hostility.

In this regard, we stated that if in the near future the transit of goods through the territory of Lithuania between the Kaliningrad region and other territories of the Russian Federation is not fully restored, then Russia reserves the right to take measures to protect its national interests. has been published.