Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the 19 agreements signed between Kosovo and Albania are many times more than those made in regional initiatives.

He said that Kosovo-Albania relations are fraternal and there is no need for mediators.

Kurti in the joint conference with the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, stressed that they have not moved from the positions for the regional initiative "Open Balkans".

"Our bilateral relations are excellent and fraternal and the brothers have no mediators between each other.

Therefore, the meeting is a meeting between Kosovo and Albania, Albania and Kosovo to strengthen our two countries in the service of our citizens for their interests, desires and needs.

Meanwhile, for the issue raised, it is of another dimension, ie not bilateral, not between Kosovo and Albania and for that I have nothing new to say… 19 agreements, memoranda and protocols, this is many times more than agreements that have been made in another regional initiative, but I am convinced that the news today is the strengthening and advancement of our commonalities and not the differences that are known… We are in CEFTA as it is known and will probably get a fresh start soon The process of Berlinit.

After the joint meeting between the two governments, Kurti said that it is in the interest of both countries to stay together.

"After the almost full implementation of the agreements we signed in November last year, I am glad that today we agreed on a new host, full of 19, thus increasing our cooperation in the field of education, order, energy and infrastructure, common economic market, tourism, defense and others.

Bilateral agreements between the two countries are always made to increase relations and bring citizens closer.

We, with the bilateral agreements we sign, maintain and advance our close relations, as we stand united as today around the need, desire and goal for development, equality, justice and well-being.

It is not only the interest that unites our countries, but it is in our interest to stay together.

As much as history, language and nation unite us,

Institutional cooperation in every field should connect us, a cooperation that facilitates and improves the lives of our citizens and increases social trust between citizens on both sides of the border.

"Especially, this mutual social trust has proven to be essential in the readiness for economic and trade cooperation", he added.

Regarding the reports that the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, intends to overthrow him, Kurti declined to comment, but said that someone's statements, comments, insinuations and intrigues are incomparable to what we are doing in joint meetings.

"First of all, we can not comment now or give our impressions of the conglomerates of different impressions because then we are not prime ministers but maybe not even good analysts.

The new port of Durrës, the Dry Port of Prishtina, the Railway in the middle.

This is the most important issue for Kosovo and Albania and I will campaign for this every day.

This is extremely crucial for a great economic impetus of our nation, so statements, impressions, insinuations, intrigues, comments are incomparable to what we are doing here at joint meetings, ”he said.

Meanwhile, he spoke about the trial in The Hague of former KLA leaders by the Special Court.

“I have appreciated that it is more appropriate to meet the defense lawyers of all KLA fighters who are in the Hague detention in a prolonged detention, because it has been a year and a half since they are held in custody.

"While the President of the Assembly has visited them there and I still have not managed to meet with him after the visit he has made and I will do this no further than tonight", declared Kurti.