Dozens of citizens gathered in front of the National Assembly for a second demonstration in protest of the removal of Parliament Speaker Nikola Minchev and the government, a reporter reported.

Minchev was removed from the presidency with the votes of GERB, MRF, ITN and Vazrazhdane.

The starting time of the event is 18:30. 

Were the participants in the protest in support of Nikola Minchev paid?

On Facebook, the organizers of the event said that the goal was to support the government, on the eve of the debate over the upcoming no-confidence vote.

Tensions in front of the National Assembly: Protesters in support of Nikola Minchev aim water at MPs from ITN, Vazrazhdane and GERB

According to the organizers, a battle with the mafia is currently being fought and the country does not need new elections.

There is an increased police presence in the area.

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A demonstration in front of the Presidency, organized by Justice for Everyone, started at 18:00 today.

It is entitled "March for European Bulgaria - in defense of parliamentarism and democracy."

Expect details.


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