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Vatican security forces were briefly on high alert and fired after a car crossed a police cordon near St. Peter's Square.

The 39-year-old driver failed to stop at a checkpoint near St. Peter's Square, which led to a brief police chase,

during which an employee shot at the wheels of the escaped car, Italian media reported.

After the car stopped, the police arrested the driver, using an electric shock.

Pope Francis appeared in public in a wheelchair

The Corriere della Serra newspaper reported that the persecution took place in an area full of tourists who came to attend the Pope's Angelus prayer,

which takes place every Sunday afternoon.

According to the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero, the terrorist attack was briefly triggered by the Vatican incident.

#Rome Shooting in St.Peter's and Holy See closed off after car breaks through barriers.

Carabinieri shoot out tires.

38-year-old Albanian arrested. # Vatican #Italy via @repubblica

- Kay Wallace (@ViewFromRome) June 19, 2022

The Pontifical Swiss Guard, the Vatican's armed forces responsible for protecting the pope and the territory of the city-state, have temporarily closed the gate for access to the Vatican, the statement said, NOVA reported.