She shone in a lilac suit

The perfect fashion edition of Eva Longoria in promoting the new series!

Eva Longoria is a real "Little Aphrodite" considering that she is only 157 centimeters tall.

The actress is synonymous with sex, femininity and beauty and many short ladies like to copy her styles, because she always knows how to emphasize her attributes professionally, Telegrafi reports.

After giving birth in 2018, she seriously devoted herself to her appearance.

She trained hard and corrected her diet and the result was not lacking - the famous actress looks like a real bomb.

The fact is that Eva knows how to adapt to fashion outfits, so she used a little trick in promoting the new series "Gordita Chronicles".

Eva chose a lilac leather set, consisting of a tight pencil skirt with deep waist, a well-styled jacket and an interesting ball that attracted special attention.

This latest model does not flatter short women, but this combination fits Eva very well.

Eva Longoria gained twenty pounds during pregnancy.

However, she did not immediately rush to lose weight, despite the pressures she suffered as a public figure.

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