"Captain Andreevo is a point taken out of time and space, it is something like an offshore zone in Bulgaria, like an oasis of corruption."

This was said on the air of Nova TV by the investigative journalist Slavi Angelov.

According to him, corruption at the border checkpoint is stronger than gravity.

The journalist recalled cases in which entire shifts of customs officers were caught at the end of their shifts distributing money, but no one was convicted.

The only ones who were found guilty received an ineffective, unconditional sentence - they were fined BGN 5,000 each, Angelov stressed.

Asen Vassilev: Our resignation will be the best anti-crisis measure only for the bullies and thieves from "Kapitan Andreevo"

He also commented on the statements of some of the government that now the heroin trafficking will stop at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint.

"This is a sham improvisation of a person who is not at all up to date with how these channels work.

It is very frivolous to think that the phytosanitary control of someone at the checkpoint has been taken away, we are stopping the trafficking of heroin ", the investigative journalist was categorical.

"For me, it is important not so much who ran this business, but who gave it to him," said Slavi Angelov, emphasizing that "A rector today who tried to corrupt a senior government official," said Prof. Plamen Mollov.

According to the journalist, there are similar schemes at other border crossings in our country.

Captain Andreevo