The British Ministry of Defense has published the latest report regarding the fighting in Ukraine, where the morale of Russian soldiers is said to be very low and there are constant reports of cases when Russian army units refuse to obey the orders of their superiors.

Initially it is said that Ukraine and Russia in recent days have continued fierce fighting with heavy artillery in the north, east and south of Severodonetsk, but with small changes in the front line, reports Telegrafi.

The British consider that the Russian combat units that are taking part in the fighting in the Donbas, have a very low morale.

"Ukrainian forces have been struggling in recent weeks, but Russian morale remains very low, even problematic for the Kremlin.

"However, there are still cases when Russian units are refusing to obey the orders of officers to fight against the Ukrainians," said the British intelligence report.

The report says, among other things, that the Russian authorities are having difficulty in exerting pressure in the sense that Russia has not officially declared war, except that they are conducting "a special military operation."

Members of the Russian military, despite the ways, have been surprised by their intentions in the war, and another major problem remains the low morale that is preventing the Kremlin from achieving its operational goals.

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Latest Defense Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 19 June 2022

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