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18 Jun 2022 6:50 a.m.





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The high oil crisis is chasing Thai people's bags until they are deprived of good pieces.

The Prime Minister Uncle Tu's government can't fix anything.

In addition to asking people to help each other be patient.

Hold on until the Russo-Ukrainian war ends.

Because even if Uncle Tu's government pushes the retail price of diesel fuel from 30 baht per liter to 35 baht per liter

The government has to use the diesel fuel subsidy fund for another 10 baht per liter.

In addition, they have to carry the price of cooking gas for another 5 baht per kilo.

until the oil fund near the sphincter is completely depleted

"Mae Lukchan" pointed out that the energy crisis forced us to import natural gas.

expensive to produce electricity to replace the amount of natural gas in the Gulf of Thailand, which is almost depleted

causing Thai people to pay more expensive electricity bills

As a result, it was a snake eating its tail to the famine crisis.

The household debt crisis that made Thai people suffer

It is a masterpiece that the Prime Minister Uncle Tu must accept in full.

Most recently, Mr. Pichai Naripthaphan, former energy minister of the Pheu Thai Party, called on the "Uncle Tu" government to expedite negotiations on the problem of overlapping areas in the Thai-Cambodian sea.

Which has been stuck for more than 10 years to come to an end ASAP

Because the overlapping area of ​​16,000 square kilometers has a huge energy source.

It is a huge undersea treasure that has never been penetrated by the egg yolk!!

It is estimated that the amount of natural gas is not less than 3.5 trillion baht.

and the amount of crude oil not less than 1.5 trillion baht

If the Thai government and the Cambodian government

Negotiate the distribution of benefits

Thailand will have a huge energy source to be sucked up and used at a cheap price.

No need to rely on expensive imported natural gas.

Thailand will achieve long-term energy security.

The government will have additional income of several hundred billion baht per year.

It will help salvage the debt crisis that Prime Minister Uncle Tu has created for immediate results.

"Mae Lukchan" supports the demand of "Mr. Pichai", the economic leader of the Pheu Thai Party, a thousand percent.

It's time to screw it up.

"Uncle Prayut" and "Uncle Hun Sen" have to hold their knees and talk to close the job ASAP!!

In fact, the problem of overlapping areas here has been agreed upon in the Thai Rak Thai government era.

An MOU was signed in 2001 to divide the benefits in a win-win manner.

Areas near Thailand, Thailand gets 80%, Cambodia gets 20%.

Area near Cambodia: Thailand gets 20 percent, Cambodia gets 80 percent.

The middle area is divided by 50% each.

But after the Thaksin government was revolutionized

This MOU has been cancelled!!

At the end of 2019, Energy Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong prepares for new negotiations.

was kicked out of the Minister

Last year, 2021, "Deputy Prime Minister Lung Pom" volunteered to be the leader of the team negotiating overlapping areas with the Hun Sen government.

Until now, it hasn't been anywhere.

Still frozen in the same place.

"Moon Moon"