How much do you know about your vagina?

Yes, you can probably have a nickname for it or you know how much fun but also how much pain it brings.

But he knows the main things that happen down there?

Although all ladies have vaginas, the question is how much do they know about her.

If you do not have reliable friends with whom you can exchange sexual experiences, here you can learn some of the most important things about your vagina!

We assume that you will be surprised after reading some information about the "well known" body to us.

Let's go…

Condoms do not protect you from certain sexually transmitted diseases

It's not encouraging, but it's the reason why sex with the unknown man is not such a good idea.

If you have had contact with infected skin in the bladder or hair, you may still be a source of infection.

Have sex

This usually affects menopausal women, but the "unused" vagina can create fragile tissue, and even the vagina will shrink, which can make sex difficult and painful.

Most women can not experience orgasm from penetration

You have not lost any special experience if you have not experienced orgasm just from penetration.

Most women have never experienced it, but still have a perfectly satisfying sex life.

Common tip to find the G-spot

The G-spot exists in every woman, but in a different place, so do not be discouraged if you can not find yours at first.

Usually, it is somewhere near the first wall of the vaginal canal.

Some women can find it by putting their finger in the "come here" position and moving it up and down until the place is found.

Your vagina is not said to have a pink scent

Just because there are hundreds of products that help keep your vagina clean and "flavored," does not mean that this is exactly what men want.

If you like such products - okay.

But do not use them unless you are confident.

The Pap test can only detect one type of cancer

Cervical cancer.

Cannot detect ovarian or colon cancer.

If you are worried about any of these, seek medical help.

The need for lubricants is normal

Many women have problems with the lack of natural lubricants.

Do not feel bad and do not hesitate, but seek the help of lubricants.

The thing no one wants to talk about…

The voice which looks like the release of air coming out of the vagina or the so-called vaginal fart.

If this happens to you, do not think that your partner will think that something is wrong with you.

Surely he has had occasion to hear this.

This happens when air is pushed into the vagina during sexual intercourse, while with the change of position it comes out.

If this happens to you just ignore it and move on to where you left off.

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