Faced with heavy losses during the military aggression in Ukraine, official Moscow and the pro-Russian media in Serbia are continuing with propaganda, which is about alleged mercenaries from the Balkans, including Kosovo, in the ranks of the Ukrainian army.

Blerim Vela, Chief of Staff of the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, reacted to the media propaganda of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which issued the report on the Albanians killed (according to her) by the Russian army in Ukraine, describing this as alarm for Russian misinformation.

"Russia's Defense Ministry has published a comprehensive list of fighters killed by various European countries in the war in Ukraine.

Later, the Serbian media, which are in favor of Vuiqi.'S regime, reinforced this narrative.

"Our region must block such information," Vela wrote in a Twitter post, Telegrafi reports.

❗️ Russian disinformation alert # Russia Ministry of Defense published a made up list of killed combatants from different European countries in the war in #Ukraine.

Then Serbian media that are pro-Vučić regime amplified this narrative.

Our region needs to block such disinfo.


- Blerim Vela (@Blerim_Vela) June 18, 2022

The Russian Embassy in Albania has also issued a statement on the number of Albanians killed by the Russian army in Ukraine (according to Russia), and the former Prime Minister of Albania, Pandeli Majko, has reacted to this.

He wrote in a Facebook post that the announcement of the Russian Embassy in Albania about the killed Albanians (according to Russia) is an irresponsible act.

"The Embassy of the Russian Federation has issued a report on the Albanians killed (according to her) by the Russian army in Ukraine.

This is an irresponsible act.

"Making others afraid of you does not change who you really are," Majko wrote.

Russian misinformation is also aided by Serbian and Montenegrin circles linked to pro-Russian structures.

Milan Knezevic from the Montenegrin Democratic Front wrote in a Twitter post that about 7,000 mercenaries from all over the world have been engaged in Ukraine.

Known for his right-wing convictions and connections to extremist exponents from Moscow, Knezevic states in the published list that 156 soldiers have been deployed from Kosovo, but that 60 of them have been killed so far.

That Russian propaganda has not stopped is shown by the fact that since the beginning of the military aggression in Ukraine, the head of Moscow diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov had stated that mercenaries from Kosovo and the region are engaging in war fronts.

However, such a thing was categorically denied by all institutions in the region, especially Kosovo.

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