Police track down Taiwanese gangs, shove "Ice" statues outside

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19 Jun 2022 6:10 a.m.





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During 2019-2020, a group of transnational drug traffickers smuggled drugs from Thailand to Australia, Taiwan, Europe and many other countries.

Using Thailand as a gateway for drug delivery

Thai drug-related law enforcement agencies, such as the

AEC, NACC, NACC, Customs, Excise, and the Friendly Country Network,

work together to help provide information.

Leading to the search, arrest and expansion of the large number of seizures

In December, 2020, ACC, along with Taiwanese police, NACC, and other joint units searched a warehouse in Sai Noi district, Nonthaburi province. Found a group of Taiwanese drug trafficking networks together with Thai people planning. smuggling ketamine exported to Taiwan

mixed with cassava starch products for export

The weight of the drug is 300 kg.

Expand search results of rental houses in Huai Khwang district, seize another 200 kilograms of heroin, if exported to Taiwan, the value will be 10 times higher than in Thailand

The NESDB has expanded the results to reveal that the real owner of the event is Mr.Pan Po, a Taiwanese person. The main person has requested approval from the court to issue an arrest warrant for Mr.Pan Po with them.

Mr.Pan Po and the Taiwanese escaped back to Taiwan before an arrest warrant was issued.

April 2022, Drug Suppression Unit, Yala Provincial Police

Received a notification from a spy that there was a drug smuggling process out of the country.

which is a drug network of Mr.Pan Po, a Taiwanese, after fleeing in the past

There is an attempt to bring drugs from Thailand to be exported to Taiwan.

This time, there is a plan for Mr.Pan Po's Thai fans to carry out various processes in Thailand.

Plans to import 6 heads of Moai statues from Taiwan, showing that they will be exhibited in Thai exhibitions.

To make it easier for drugs to hide in the head of the Moai statue.

before being brought back to Taiwan

through a shipping company agent hired to operate

Pol Maj Gen Tinakorn

Rangmat, commander of Yala Provincial Police, former deputy commander of Police 3, who has a network and expertise in investigating drug cases as a capital

Upon receiving the information, the report was sent to

Lt. Gen. Kriengkrai Srirak,

Commander of the 4th Army Area,

Pol. Lt. Gen.

Nanthadej Yoinuan, Commander of Police 9

, Pirom

Nilthaya , Yala Provincial

Governor, Phongsatorn Thammachat, Pongsathorn Thammachat

. .PSC, Region 9


: Pol Gen Roy

Ingkapairote, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police and Director of the National Police Agency, requesting investigations and monitoring of this network by Sonthi force, NSMC, NSSC. Police Station 2, National Security Agency, Taiwan Police and Customs investigating that Mr. Pan Po ordered a Thai boyfriend to rent a warehouse in Krathum Baen District, Samut Prakan Province.

to wait to collect the head of the Moai statue

Another Thai woman paid for the documents and hired a shipping company to import six Moai statues sent from Taiwan at Laem Chabang Port.

to be kept in a warehouse in Krathum Baen district

It was announced that it would be exhibited in Thailand but was not shown anywhere and was kept in the warehouse.

The investigative team later learned that Mr.Pan Po contacted drug dealers in Thailand to bring the drug ice to the team, hidden in a Moai statue with a secret compartment on the head and plastered over it for storage at a Krathum Baen warehouse.

by willing to pay rent indefinitely

because Thailand has not yet opened the country

Therefore, the head of the statue that is hiding the ice pill cannot be brought back to Taiwan.

Until when the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand improves, he can travel to various countries. Mr.Pan Po prepares to send the head of the Moai statue back to Taiwan.

There is an employment of a plastic sealer to cover the shock.

and hire a shipping company in Laem Chabang

Which is the former company that brought the head of this statue up from the boat and kept it at the warehouse in Krathum Baen District, brought a large trailer to transport the head of the Moai statue from the warehouse in Krathum Baen District to the shipping company's warehouse At Laem Chabang District, waiting for export documents and waiting for the boat

The investigative team found a Thai woman who was responsible for paying rent at a warehouse in Krathum Baen.

and pay the shipping company to bring the head of the Moai statue from the ship to Thailand

Going to apply for a visa to travel to Taiwan on June 8-13

In the same period as the news line said

A cargo ship is coming to receive the head of the Moai statue sent to Taiwan.

Pol Maj Gen Tinakorn

reported to the commanding officers of all units.

And ask for approval to assemble the police force, BSCC, BSSC, BSCC 2, NACC, Customs, Taiwan Police to search the Shipping Warehouse No. 30/28, Moo 10, Bueng Sub-district Sriracha, Chonburi Province, by

Pol. Gen. Roy Ingkapairote, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayuth Sanguanphokai, Commander-in-Chief of the National Police Agency, Pol. Lt. Gen. Pornchai Charoen. Wong, Special Expert, Police Pol. Maj. Gen. Jirawat Phayungtham, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Pol.Maj.Gen. Nitinai After Yarhat, Deputy Commander of Police 9, Maj. Gen. Sub-District Atthasit Kitchaharn, Commander-in-Chief of Chonburi Provincial Police

Pol Maj Gen Theeradej Thammasutee, commander of Police Station 2, Pol Maj Gen Pisan Erb-ab, qualified police Pol Maj Gen Tinakorn Rangmat, commander of the Provincial Police. Yala, Pol Col Chiraphong Rujiradamrongchai, Superintendent of Immigration Police 3, Taiwan Police and NACC Special Operations Unit, Organic Special Operations Unit, Narcotics Suppression Division, Yala Province

entered Search and smash open the six heads of Moai statues.

It was found that one statue's head was made into a secret compartment hiding 201 bags of ice pills weighing 200 kilograms, covered with another layer of cement.

Investigation team seizes ice pills and 6 Moai statue heads and sends investigators

ACS prosecuted Mr. Pan Po against those who were involved in both parts of Thailand and Taiwan.

relying on international cooperation to support information sharing

The result of this success is due to the cooperation of all parties involved in supporting information without hiding information.

There are no walls to block the unit.

If all units help each other like this

believe that the problem of smuggling drugs out of Thailand and exporting to various countries

would definitely be reduced

Dedicated to Thai women who have foreign girlfriends. Please use your mind. Don't trust foreign girlfriends too much until you lose consciousness.

cooperate to open an account

Receive money from drug trafficking

Earn a small share, knowing or not knowing or being used as a tool for various transactions.

Renting a warehouse building or doing it in steps

instead of the transnational drug trafficking network movement

In the end, they will be "scapegoats" for them who are still spending their money comfortably abroad.

Thai people involved in "Hell drugs", do not be careless, they may go to jail and have to be prosecuted instead.

crime news team