From the beginning of next month, according to the announcements of KRRE, the four tariff blocks should start to be applied, according to which the citizens will pay for the consumed electricity.

Although there is still no decision on the new electricity price, in the published KRRE calculator, everyone can calculate exactly how much they will pay with the new tariffs.

Alsat made an estimate of how much electricity bills would increase or decrease in each of the tariff blocks.

The new prices will be calculated only for the energy consumed with the high tariff and not with the cheap tariff which is 22:00 in the evening until 7:00 in the morning and on Sunday.

For example, if 200 kilowatt hours are spent on high tariffs and 200 kilowatt hours on cheap tariffs, the consumer is in the first block, ie the lowest tariff for payment and electricity bill will be MKD 2,492, respectively lower life by 12.7 percent.

If you enter the second block, with the largest amount of energy consumed, and 420 kilowatts with a high tariff at 200 cheap, the new bill will be 3,960 denars, ie for about 200 denars should be lower than the current one.

By exceeding 430 kilowatts with high tariff, citizens will pay higher bills.

For example, for 630 kilowatts consumed, according to the new tariffs, 6,152 denars will have to be paid instead of the current 5,720 denars, ie the bill will increase by 7.8 percent.

The fourth block has the most expensive tariff or for example for 800 kilowatts the high tariff will be paid 21 percent more expensive than the current tariff.

The bill of MKD 7,104 will increase to MKD 8,605.

Depending on the electricity bill, each citizen can individually calculate which tariff block he enters and whether there will be higher bills or not.

KRRE calculator

200 kwh cheap and 200 kwh expensive - the lowest bill for 293 denars

200 kwh cheap and 400 kwh expensive - the lowest bill for 223 denars

200 kwh cheap and 630 kwh expensive - higher bill for 423 denars

200 kwh cheap and 800 kwh expensive - the highest bill for 1,501 denars