A love story, although closed between an 18-year-old and a 26-year-old, became the cause for the murder of the latter in Maliq, Albania. 

Martin Çeço, 26, from the village of Kolanec in Maliq, was reported missing on June 12 by his father.

Following the announcement, the Korça Police conducted field checks and the dead body of the young man was found on June 16 in the village reservoir.

The event was staged as suicide, as the young man's personal belongings were left on the edge of the tank.

But the examination of the dead body showed bruising on the neck, which increased the suspicions of the police.

Investigations revealed a crime of passion which involved 3 persons identified as Bleti Angjo, Valter and Edlir Mollaj.

Investigations revealed that some time ago the 18-year-old who lives in a village of Voskopoja had started an intimate relationship with the 38-year-old from a village of Pogradec, Bleti Angjo.

When the latter had learned that he was not the first for the girl, as she had previously been related to Martin Checho, this aroused jealousy which then produced the murder.

The 38-year-old previously convicted of theft together with his two friends Valter and Edlir Mollaj went to Maliq and met the 26-year-old, then strangled him with a rope and threw his body in the tank.

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