The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca, who is in The Hague, has met the former leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Rexhep Selimi, Jakup Krasniqi and Pjetër Shala, who are being held in custody.

Tomorrow, he is expected to meet with former President Hashim Thaçi and former Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli.

With the latter once having political rivals, Konjufca has said they should overcome all past disputes and join forces.

"Tomorrow he is expected to meet with President Thaçi and former Speaker Veseli.

They have already confirmed the visit.

"It's good that it is happening, our institutions must always be close."

"We will overcome all the disputes of the past and we must join forces as long as I think that in this process Kosovo is being damaged", stated the Speaker in an interview for RTK, Telegrafi reports.

As for the work of the Special Court, he said there are many flaws.

"What immediately gets your attention is the fact that it has been two years since they were inside, isolated, and the court process is not starting.

"By all European standards of human rights, this is critical because you have to take into account that in the past systems that were dictatorial, people were not kept for 9 months without starting the process."

"Then you either have evidence or you have no evidence.

"With what we are seeing happening in the Special Court, we are very worried and very dissatisfied," said Konjufca.

He further mentioned the fact that 24 months have passed since the indictment against the former KLA leaders was published, but the trial has not started yet.

According to him, this gives indications that the Special Forces are deliberately keeping them isolated.

"But this is unprecedented, to be separated from public life without the court being prepared to start the trial."

"This is what we have to criticize and put pressure on in an institutional sense to resolve this.

"If the court is not prepared, it must release these people or admit that it is isolating them."

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