Azerbaijan is rapidly rebuilding Karabakh.

Charles Veley, an American traveler visiting Zangilan, told APA.

He noted that the changes are rapid, and significant changes have taken place in the region over the past year:

"It was a very successful trip.

We visited almost all of Karabakh.

We visited Fizuli, Aghdam and Zangilan for 3 days and did a lot of construction and restoration work.

This is an important issue.

We also saw the effects of the war, Azerbaijan's innovations in Karabakh, the smart village.

It is gratifying for us to see investments in infrastructure.

I have about 20,000 members in my social media group and I will tell them about it when I return.

I was here in September last year, and I am fascinated by the changes that have taken place here over the past period, and these changes are happening very fast.

I am very interested in the work of Azerbaijan on these innovations and changes.

I would like to come next time and see what changes have taken place here. "

Indian traveler Ryan Gazder said that the rapid construction of new roads and an airport in the liberated areas is very noteworthy:

“Agali village looks very beautiful.

But when people come back, I would like to come here and meet them.

Therefore, I would like to return here in a year.

I saw very beautiful mountains and new roads in Karabakh, it is very beautiful here.

These new roads, a new airport were built in a short time.