One of the senior members of the Montenegrin criminal group, the Skaljarskog clan, Milic Minja Shakovic, was killed in Budva on Friday night.

He was liquidated in a cafe in Budva opposite the walls of the old town, reports


"Tonight, firearms were used in Budva, in front of the walls of the old town, during which one person was killed.

It is about MS Police in cooperation with the competent prosecution are undertaking activities to shed light on the events, the course of which the public will be notified in time ", announced the Police Directorate of Montenegro.

One of the sources told the news that a man who was sitting at the table next to him and who was not masked, shot several times at kovakovi..

Montenegrin state prosecutor Ana Radovic told


that Shakovic appeared to have been shot at close range.

"During the investigation, some traces have been discovered, from several countries and all of them will be subject to the relevant expertise.

"I also ordered an autopsy on the body," Radovic said.

We recall that the name of Milic kovakovi është was mentioned in the Serbian media in the framework of the investigation into the murder of the leader of the "Partizan" fans, Aleksandar Stankovi., Otherwise known as Sale Mutavi, in 2016.

Despite this, Serbian investigators have never prosecuted Sakovic in connection with the crime.

Also, kovakovi. Was injured on September 8, 2017 in front of the bar "Auto Zeta" in Podgorica, where his friend, Ivan Nedovi., Was later killed.

Police believed Nedovic was an accidental victim and that the main target was Shakovic.

Earlier last year, police arrested several people for allegedly plotting to assassinate Sakovic and prevent his liquidation.

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