Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Besnik Mustafaj, speaking about Kosovo-Albania relations, said that the two Albanian states do not have good interstate relations and this is not the fault of Kosovo.

"Rama is very delusional in the concept he has about the role of Albania in these relations.

Unable to be the prime ministers of Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey, he says that at least 'those in Kosovo should do what I say'.

And the moment he encounters a Kosovo prime minister who does not fully agree with a certain concept that deeply affects Albania's foreign policy, not necessarily Kosovo's foreign policy, then he becomes arrogant and treats them as ministers, not as "head of a government of another country", said Mustafaj in Klan Kosova.

"And I have explained that neither Fatos Nano, nor Sali Berisha, nor Pandeli Majko, nor Ilir Meta as prime ministers of Albania have had this kind of contamination in relations with the prime ministers of Kosovo."

said Mustafaj.

The former Albanian Foreign Minister said that 100 percent of the responsibility for the lack of cooperation between the heads of the two Albanian governments lies with Edi Rama.

"He [Rama] did not give the opportunity to either Ramush [Haradinaj] or Albin [Kurti] to show how good they are at building brotherly cooperation or not, but at least it should be cooperation."

Mustafaj further said that Rama treats Kurti as his deputy minister, not as prime minister of the Government of Kosovo.

"Why does the Government of Kosovo not accept the 'Open Balkans'?

Rama treats Albin Kurti as if he were his deputy, as a deputy minister, he does not consider him as the head of the Government of Kosovo, who has been elected in a much more democratic way than Rama and who does work and is accountable to the society of Kosovo, the Parliament of Kosovo and his party ", said Mustafaj.