Officers of the Shirvan City Police Department have carried out a series of operations over the past 15 days against drug trafficking, detection of firearms, as well as fraud and theft.

Shirvan regional group of the Interior Ministry's Press Service told APA that 17 more people involved in drug trafficking were detained during the operations carried out by the department's employees.

The police department has launched an investigation into each of these people.

A total of more than 5 kilograms of various drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as hemp plants were seized from the detainees.

Also, during the operations, three people were detained and prosecuted for theft in the city, committing fraud against citizens using their trust, as well as illegal possession of firearms.

As a result of the 15-day operation, 16 of the 20 detainees were remanded in custody by the city court, and four were remanded in custody.

The Shirvan City Police Department is investigating each of these facts.

Operational measures are being taken to expose those involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities in the city.