Five people injured in a car accident on the Goradil-Novkhani road in Binagadi district last night were taken to the Clinical Medical Center (CMC).

The press service of the Center told APA that two people seriously injured were taken to the intensive care unit of the Center, one to the traumatology department, and the other two were released after receiving first aid.

It was noted that a person born in 1980 in the intensive care unit was diagnosed with a fracture of the ribs, a fracture of the nasal bone, a dislocation of the hip and pelvis, and a person born in 1986 was diagnosed with multiple fractures of the pelvis.

The condition of both wounded is assessed as stable.

A third person, born in 1999, admitted to the traumatology department, was diagnosed with a dislocation of the left femur and underwent special examinations, taking into account her pregnancy.

Currently, the condition of the wounded is assessed as normal.



A serious traffic accident occurred in Goradil settlement.

APA reports that the incident was recorded on Pirshagi-Goradil road.

Ahmadov Fakhri Akbar oglu, born in 1980, who was driving a Lada car, lost control of the steering wheel and overturned.

As a result, the driver and passengers of the car - Ahmadova Vusala Mammadrza, born in 1982, Rustamova Konul Vagif, born in 1986, Agayeva Asuba Mehdi, born in 1999 and Ahmadov Mahir Valeh, born in 1975 received various injuries. They were taken to the city clinical hospital.

An investigation is underway by the Absheron District Police Office.