The people of Bangkok are alive again.

the wind changes direction

15 Jun 2022 6:35 a.m.





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The popularity of Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok, 1.3 million votes, is still strong. Even though he left for his son's graduation ceremony in the United States for 4 days, he went live to tell stories he had seen in the United States back to Bangkok people. listened, hoping to make "Bangkok a livable city" according to the campaign policy, not a "boring city" as in the past 8 years, "Music in the Park", a small activity in the park of

Governor Chatchat turned into a "soft power" that is powerful in terms of popularity and life.

To the people of Bangkok again, I admire Gen. Narongphan Jitkaewtae, the commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army, who ordered

Department of Civil Affairs and Royal Thai Army Music Department

lead the Royal Thai Army Orchestra to play in parks in Bangkok and other provinces

regardless of who's idea it is

I watched on the TV news “Music in the Park”, people were smiling, laughing, having fun, living together in friendship and happiness.

There was no quarrel with each other.

Mr. Chatchat, Governor of Bangkok, spoke on the opening day of the first day of the “Music in the Garden” activity (4 June) at Wachirabenjathat Park.

(Railway Park, Old Railway Golf Course) Chatuchak district that music in the garden is one of 214 policies "Bangkok, the area of ​​music and performing arts" aims to give everyone a choice of outdoor activities.

Including artists will have space to show music and performing arts.

He listened to reason and was satisfied.

A leader who comes from a true democracy.

It's such a beautiful idea.

different from a leader who came from seizing power like heaven and earth

Mr. Chatchat told the Bangkok people that

“I believe that Bangkok is a city of hope.

There are many good things

But we haven't cut it yet.

You will see that the good things in the garden today

Not a single baht budget was spent.

But it is the cooperation of the people of Bangkok.

I sat in tears

because I couldn't believe that today would come so quickly

We will have this kind of music in every garden, suburban garden, Suan Luang Rama IX park, community garden, crowded community sports field.

Everyone has the right to listen to music.

Everyone is addicted to art as well.”

Last Sunday, Mr. Sanon Wangsangboon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Mr. Kesara Thanyalakpark

Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok also went to join the music in the Khlong Toei Park.

and workshop

“Art from Klong Toei is good”. There are many bands to perform. Klong Toei residents join in having fun with many music with their faces.

happy smile

despite the bad economy

But life has returned.

When I was young, more than 40 years ago, Lumpini Park had regular music performances in the garden.

To bring happiness to the people and there is a dance stage for people to dance and exercise. In Sanam Luang, there is a "Sangkeet Sala" in front of the National Museum.

Evening music on weekends

The people went to sit and listen to music happily.

This quality of life has returned.

I strongly agree with Mr. Chatchart, Bangkok Governor, "City is people, not buildings", some leaders may not understand. can

Must be able to attract talented people.

Must be able to create talented people

The people who drive the United States live

A lot of foreigners

Thai children who graduated here work in America.

I think America can attract talented people.

Maybe it's the quality of life.


Equality, freedom, liberty, the future of Bangkok

must attract talent

Can create good people. Therefore, the heart of the city must attract talented people.

It must be a city with quality of life.

can live happily

Freedom to express opinions

able to show creativity

That is the heart of the city of the future. A city is a people, not a building.”

On the subject of "people" alone, the potential of Mr. Chatchat is higher than being the governor of Bangkok. If he becomes the "Prime Minister", the future of Thailand will be prosperous by leaps and bounds.

"The wind changes direction"