Cassander Noga was arrested in Vienna yesterday after being accused of injuring Erion Hasanbelliu in Brussels on Saturday evening.

According to Belgian authorities, the 45-year-old Albanian shot Hasanbelli several times on June 11 on an open street in Brussels, and then left the scene.

Belgian police declared him wanted throughout Europe.

After intensive investigations and surveillance, investigators managed to arrest the suspected perpetrator in front of a palace in the Donaustadt district of Vienna around 9:15 a.m. Monday.

At the moment of arrest, the Albanian citizen was surprised and did not resist.


In 2000, when Kasander Noga, dressed as a policeman, entered with a machine gun in his hand together with Julian Çela, and after kicking the door of the intensive care unit where Aqif Hasanbelliu and Dritan Hajdini were hospitalized, he removed the serum from their arm and fired automatic weapons at them. left dead on the spot.

The revenge then continued with a series of other events, as Erion Hasanbelliu together with his brother Geron Hasanbelliu executed Julian Çela and seriously injured Kassander Noga in 2002, in Belgium.

He is suspected of five murders and several injuries.

Among these crimes is the charge of killing Astrit Shperdheja on August 25, 2001, while the trial took place in Belgium in 2005. He was also convicted of the 1999 murder in Patos of Kastrito Gropa and Edison Meminaj.

But despite these serious crimes, the perpetrator managed to be free.

Who is Erion Hasanbelliu?

43-year-old Erion Hasanbelliu, also known as Mikel Rakipllari, is a well-known name in Albanian justice.

Erion Hasanbelliu was extradited from Belgium to Albania on October 21, 2013 at the request of Interpol, as he and his brother were accused of killing Julian Cela in Belgium in 2002 and seriously injuring Cassander Nogan.

According to the information, Erion's brother, Geron Hasanbelliu was handcuffed on June 14, 2013, on Barrikadave Street in Tirana.

His arrest and extradition came after the Court of Fier, with the decision of September 7, 2009, sentenced him to 25 years in prison for committing the criminal offense of "Premeditated murder for blood feud committed in collaboration", "Premeditated murder for blood feud "committed in collaboration with the remaining attempt," Illegal possession of firearms ".

According to the State Police, Erion Hasanbelli in cooperation with his brother Geron Hasanbelli killed citizens Julian Çela and wounded Kasandër Noga, where the latter is suspected of having strong ties to the dark world of crime.

He is also involved in several serious criminal events such as the assassination of Sokol Capja and Bledar Muca.

Police services were notified of the incident around 20:20 after calls to the emergency number, as witnesses reported a series of shootings in the center of the Belgian capital, in the neighborhood "Place De Brouckère".

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