NATO is an alliance of 30 countries with different geographies, historical and political parties.

We should not be surprised that sometimes there are sharp differences between our countries.

APA reports that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this in an interview with AMNA in response to a question about relations between Turkey and Greece.

"Different views and discussions are an important part of our democracy. Both Greece and Turkey have been allies for decades, and every day Greece and Turkey work together with 28 other allies in NATO to meet the most pressing security challenges. The

Mediterranean is vital to NATO .

"Greece, Turkey, many allies and other countries operate here regularly. There have been incidents between Greek and Turkish forces in the past and we must do our best to reduce the risk of such incidents in the future. It

is in everyone's interest that such incidents do not happen again," he said. .

He recalled NATO's assistance in establishing a special military mechanism between Greece and Turkey in 2020 to reduce the risk of incidents in the Eastern Mediterranean.

"We urge Greece and Turkey to resolve their differences in the Aegean in the spirit of trust and allied solidarity. This means refraining from any actions or rhetoric that could aggravate the situation. ", NATO Secretary General said.