Commentary by the writer Emil Yotovski, until recently an author in the Commentary on for the premiere of his theatrical production "NONSENSE", which will take place on June 17 (Friday) from 19.30.

at the Tear and Laughter Theater.

At the end of May, his latest book, The Cooked Frog Syndrome, was published.

"The premiere is on chamber stage (because we are modest).

Tickets - from the cheap ones (because we are not greedy) you can get in the modern way - on the site of "Tear and Laughter" (link below), as well as in the old-fashioned way - at the box office.

NONSENSE is a comedy.

(From those who are: "Ha-ha-ha", not from those: "Yes, very funny!")

Come and find out the right way to put a bomb in a bank.

Is the duel to the last drop of blood, caused by jealousy, prohibited by law?

And how the hell do you know which drop of blood is the last?

Which commodity holds price during inflation: prostitutes or pink tomatoes?

You will learn what to do when your mother comes to visit and everything is fine, except for the fact that it is not your mother.

You are welcome to have fun!

The show is not banned for people under 18, but after the performance the parents will have to answer complex questions.

Actors Kristina Topalova, Nikolay Branzalov and Yordan Danchev will be to blame for all the above.


Tickets in the link:

Emil Yotovski