No one knew the contribution to Agim Kajmaku's Socialist Party until the moment he ran for mayor of Vora, in the 2019 local elections.

Even today it is not known what were the criteria that led the Socialists to this name which ran this municipality for only two months.

His name began to bend from the opposition in the summer of 2019 as a person who had concealed his arrest in Greece in 2003.

He was detained in this country on charges of counterfeiting money with the identity of Jorgo Toto.

It did not take long and in November 2019 and the prosecution requested the arrest of Kajmak who was not found until July 2020.

He was admitted to a private hospital with serious health problems which caused the court to release him.

Problems with justice did not affect Kajmaku and his family winning several tenders from institutions dealing with the maintenance of green areas.

Nurseries and greenery is the business of the Kajmaku family and that is why he went to Italy.

In the pots where he had placed the seedlings, the police of the neighboring country found 20 kilograms of cocaine.

Italian authorities have not made public many details of the operation as to what is the origin of the drug and its final destination.

While the movements of Agim Kajmaku will be verified to clarify the way he entered Italy.

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