Shukra Gochar 2022: Venus is going to enter Taurus on June 18.

special things

  • Venus will enter Taurus.

  • Some zodiac signs will benefit.

  • Lakshmi-Narayan Yoga will be formed.

Shukra Gochar 2022:

Venus Planet has been given an important place in astrology.

Venus is going to transit in Taurus on Saturday, June 18.

Taurus is the sign of Venus.

Venus is going to stay in this zodiac till June 29.

During this, there will be a union with Mercury in Taurus.

Due to which Lakshmi Narayan Yoga will be formed in this zodiac.

Lakshmi Narayan Yoga is considered very auspicious in astrology.

According to astrology, this yoga will have an auspicious and positive effect on many zodiac signs.

Let us know which zodiac signs can benefit from the transit of Venus.  


Venus will transit in the second house of this zodiac.

During this time there can be an increase in wealth and property.

At the same time, there will be an atmosphere of peace and happiness in the family.

There will be economic progress in business.

Employed people will get opportunities for promotion. 

Cancer -

Venus is going to transit in the 11th house of this zodiac.

11th house is of profit.

In such a situation, benefits can be obtained from many sources during the period of transit.

There will be a chance of progress in business.

Those who are in job can get promotion.

Also, you can get the benefit of investment in business. 

Leo -

Venus will transit in the 10th house.

Career can get a new direction with this transit of Venus.

There will be chances of promotion for the people doing the job.

There will be many new opportunities in career.

There will be an atmosphere of happiness in married life.

Family members will get support.

There will be new opportunities for advancement in business. 

Virgo -

The transit of Venus will be in the ninth house.

Luck can happen during this time.

Along with this, the benefit of religious travel is also available during this time.

There can be an increase in happiness and prosperity.

There will be sweetness in marital and love relations.

During the transit, there will be a strong sum of economic progress in business.

There can be sudden monetary gains from a partner.

In the job, you will get the support of the officers at the workplace. 

Scorpio -

The transit of Venus will be in the seventh house of this zodiac.

The transit of Venus in this house will bring happiness in married life.

Along with this, there will be an opportunity for financial gains in business.

Those who are not married, they can get marriage proposal.

There can also be good profits in partnership works. 

Capricorn -

The transit of Venus is going to happen in the fifth house of this zodiac.

Due to which children can get happiness during the transit period.

Along with this, progress can be made in the work related to education.

Students can get more benefit of Venus transit.

Married people will get support from spouse.

One can get great success in career. 


Venus will enter the fourth house of this zodiac.

Due to which you can get profit from land, vehicle and property.

Apart from this, financial benefits can also be received from the maternal side.

You can buy land, vehicles and houses during the transiting period of Venus.

You may have to go away from home for financial gains.

There will be a chance of promotion in the job.

Also, you can get success in the workplace. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. NDTV does not confirm this.)

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