Poklonskaya told Telegram that she was moving to another job, but did not provide details.

Poklonskaya, who was born in the Luhansk region, was among those who did not support Russia's war in Ukraine.

In an interview with Russian journalist Ekaterina Gordeeva, she called the invasion of Ukraine a "catastrophe" and said: "I am a Russian citizen, but a Ukrainian.

Homeland, of course, there.

She also said that she did not believe that nationalist sentiments prevailed in Ukraine, and called for helping Ukrainian refugees.

Earlier, in an interview with Russian television RT Poklonskaya said that people in the Donbass are fighting "not for the Russian and not for the Ukrainian government."

She called the letter Z a symbol of tragedy and grief on the Live Nail YouTube channel, which is covered by journalists of the closed Echo of Moscow, because soldiers and civilians on both sides were killed during the conflict.

Until 2014, Natalia Poklonskaya worked as a prosecutor in Ukraine.

After the entry of Russian troops into Crimea and the coming to power of the pro-Russian government3 in March 2014, she was appointed prosecutor of the annexed Crimea. In 2016, she was elected to the State Duma on the United Russia list.

Ukrainian authorities accuse her of a number of crimes.