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14 Jun 2022 5:52 a.m.





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Critics say there are now at least two “light-hungry” human groups: politicians and lawyers.

Politicians have the instinct of

"Loud desire" is normal, because if you remain silent, you become a dumb airforce.

have the right to fail easily

The lawyer likes to make famous.

After there are often famous news such as the case of Uncle Phon and Nong Chompoo.

The death of "Watermelon" is another case that has been in the news for almost four months in a row. The incident took place on February 24, the same day Russia invaded Ukraine.

In this case, although the police have already summarized the case and sent the prosecutor to sue.

but not yet finalized

because there are also groups of politicians

human rights group

and a group of lawyers who disagree

From the investigation and prosecution in the first step, "Mother" Panida Sirayuthyothin had to change 2 lawyers, the second one was Mr. Decha.


File a case with the police

and concluded that it was an act of negligence causing death to another

which the mother agreed

but changed his mind when he met Mr. Genius.

Ruang Ratanapong with "Sor. Tae"

MP Tae is Mr. Mongkolkit


The list of MPs and the only MPs of the Thai Sriwilai Party

Both Mr. Genius

The president of the Criminal Victims Aid Club and MP Te confirmed that it was a murder case.

and motivate mothers to agree

so change a new lawyer

The first step is to ask the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to prosecute, but it may not be timely.

Therefore announced that the lawsuit will be filed directly to the court by allowing "Mother" to authorize Mr. Genius.

But the mother might change her mind.

gave an interview to a TV show that he had already thought about it and decided not to file a lawsuit directly to the court.

because there is still not enough evidence

Afraid that the case will be lost and must be held accountable, but MP Te insists that the lawsuit will be filed in court for sure.

It will brainstorm ideas from up to 30 lawyers, but still have not decided to file a lawsuit under Section 189 (7) of the Criminal Code, which carries the death penalty or Section 190 causes unintentional death.

As for Lawyer Decha, he submitted a complaint to the House of Representatives committee to investigate whether the MPs had serious ethical violations.

and should file a lawsuit under Section 185 of the Constitution as well

Section 185 of the constitution prohibits MPs from interfering in the performance of government officials (such as the police). Violators must be discharged from MPs under Section 101 (7). See that there is a competition

Is it against the etiquette of a good lawyer?

Even the media could be used as a tool.