Before determining the new price of electricity in Macedonia, the new tariff plan with the four proposed new tariffs will have to be approved, which should be valid from the beginning of next month, Telegrafi Makedonija reports.

At today's press conference of KRRE it was announced that the expensive electricity will be divided into four blocks.

Electricity consumed up to 210 kilowatts per month, will be paid 35 percent cheaper than now, consumption between 210 and 420 kilowatt hours will be at prices similar to the current ones, between 420 and 630 kilowatts will be more expensive, while consuming over every 630 kilowatts per hour will be much more expensive and will be at a price similar to industrial electricity.

Free energy will remain a tariff for everyone, from 22:00 to 7:00, including Sunday.

Next week, as indicated by KRRE, the model will be defined, while citizens from today will be able to calculate in the TS calculator for universal suppliers, in which everyone can calculate bills with tariff blocks./Telegrafi/