Confiscated the ice tucked the statue and sent it outside.

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14 Jun 2022 5:28 a.m.





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During the month of March 2022, the Yala Provincial Narcotics Control Unit, together with the Immigration Bureau, NSSC, NPSC 2 and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

Thailand found a clue Mr. Pan, a Taiwanese, a transnational drug trafficking network.

Is a person under the arrest warrant of the NSAC, had tried to smuggle heroin and ketamine out of Thailand, with Ms. Ju, her girlfriend, a Thai woman, Maj. Gen. Tinakorn Rangmat, commander-in-chief. Yala Provincial Police have ordered an investigation team.

Election Commission of Police, Yala Province

Follow the behavior of traveling in and out of Thailand to Taiwan frequently.

The investigation team found suspicious behavior in contacting warehouse rentals in Samut Sakhon province.

Pol Maj Gen Tinakorn reported the information to Pol Gen Roy Ingkapairote, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Pol Lt. Gen. Nanthadej Yoinuan, Commander-in-Chief of the Police 9 and Pol. Sarayuth Sanguanphokai, Commander-in-Chief of the National Police Agency.

Request to inspect the warehouse

inside a warehouse of moai statues

It is believed that there is something illegal inside the statue.

Found that the statue was sent from Taiwan.

imported to Thailand in the beginning of 2022, manifested through customs formalities that

Bring the statue to the exhibition show.

But imported into Thailand, the statue was kept in a warehouse and was not brought out for exhibitions or shows. Ms. Kanyapak was the contact and paid for the warehouse rental and hired to move the statue. from Laem Chabang Port to store in warehouse

From tracking the behavior of Ms. Zhu, Nai Pan's boyfriend has transferred money.

Ms. Kanyaphak many times, where Ms. Ju and Ms. Kanyapak did not find that they had a career and had a certain income.

but there are tens of millions of baht in the account

At the end of May, the Yala Provincial Police Investigation Unit and the NSAO learned that Ms. Kanyaphak was the contact hired by a logistics company in Laem Chabang District to move the statues for delivery. statue back to taiwan

The statue was moved from a warehouse in Samut Sakhon Province to be kept at the Sriracha Company, Chonburi Province.

While waiting in the queue for transportation on a boat to Taiwan

Investigation set to expand results found that this group of Chinese and Taiwanese have the behavior of bringing statues to Thailand.

by showing that it is used for exhibitions or shows

But hiding drugs in the statue brought out of Thailand

Let a group of Thai women do the job of procuring a place.

It is a warehouse for storing statues.

When the hidden drugs are taken, the statue will be shipped out of the country

, deputy police chief Pol Gen Roy Ingkapairote and Lt. Gen. Sarayuth Sanguanphokai, commander-in-chief of the police. The DEA inspected the inside of the Moai statue, found 600 bags of methamphetamine, 200 kilograms in weight.

It is a trace of Pol. Maj. Gen. Tinakorn and the former Luk Mo team.

“Pleangpayak ”