The most recent date on which Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician.

Born October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. By declaring the end of the war, was December 24 this year.

This was predicted by Major General of the Reserve of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Viktor Yagun, quoted by UNIAN.

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"For me, the closest concept date is December 24 this year.

This is the centenary of the Soviet Union.

This is the date by which the Russian authorities want to do something conceptually - either to unite these lands under a flag, or to make a powerful event in Moscow.

They will have to do something by December 24, "Yagun said.

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"We thought it could be completed by May 9 - but it didn't happen.

That day was considered "sacred" for Putin.

"I think - if there is an active phase in the war, how will we fight? For now we keep the Russian military, even gradually repel them, but nothing will change until December 24. For them, these dates are important. In Ukraine we have other important dates. "I don't even mention August 24, the 31st anniversary of the restoration of independence," he added.

Yagun also spoke about how the Ukrainian army differs from the Russian military.

"When the commander sets a task, he trusts the commanders on the ground, and even without following the order, they can safely jump over the top leadership and explain why they did not carry out their order ... And they know for sure that this does not mean that they will be removed, sent somewhere, shot, imprisoned, etc.

This supposedly small initiative, all the things and contacts that exist at a deep level completely change the psychology of the Ukrainian army.

"The Ukrainian military knows they have been heard," the general said.

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