"Bored" or "Black Sin"

political news team

14 Jun 2022 5:25 a.m.





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“Goodbye, donkey, started as a bamboo trunk.

As soon as it goes down, it turns into a marijuana bong.” Three boos sounded.

Long drum procession, "marijuana seri" parade, jolly and fun

mixed with smoke

Laughter merrily

The voice of an invitation to "drug marijuana" echoed through the city.

The story of "Kheow Sai" who is very happy with "Ghost Release Day". Planting, selling, and consuming marijuana can be done legally.

According to the square of the political party, "Sia Nu", Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health

as the leader of the Pride Thai Party

led the event parade showing great success in pushing the party's campaign policy

Hit the gong sing?

It was announced as the work of Seragraw Camp.

Time to restore true happiness

Laughing all over town

But that's a 180-degree twist, with the loud beeps of a team of medical professionals.

Da Na came out to protest the policy of free marijuana.

Point out the penalty of a double-edged sword.

from the "Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand" issued a statement showing its position

on the impact of liberal marijuana laws on children and adolescents' health

The effect of exemption from marijuana is not a fifth category drug.

This will affect all people in Thailand, including vulnerable groups.

is that children and adolescents have unlawful access to cannabis and cannabis-containing products.

including the recreational use of marijuana, an addictive substance

May have severe effects on the brain of children and adolescents, such as developmental delays

behavior problems

decreased intelligence

are at risk for schizophrenia


at risk of becoming addicted to other drugs

including negative effects on physical health both in the short term and long term

While Dr. Truong Siripanich, secretary-general of the Don't Drive Drunk Foundation

expressing concern about the consequences

especially smoking marijuana and driving.

Become a risk factor that will cause accidents on the road is very much.

It is extremely dangerous to people.

Because there is no law punishing drunk driving with marijuana.

Doctor warns of stress

Sirius can't laugh

“Red bao” and “black sin” are just a thin line that separates the sharp and sharp tip of a knife.

but in the mood of

"Career politicians" don't care anymore.

According to the trend of the situation that famous scholars also come out to analyze the decision without fear of breaking

This minute, the brand "Sera Ground", Pride Thai Camp

look more zodiac than anyone

At the point where there are both ammunition

"Hire Phee Mill Pang" and the trend from pushing for "free marijuana" to be liked by the "Green Line" movement, able to follow the campaign policy.

Next round of elections, there is a landslide hope

Considered to be a real voice in the power of a 3 year old soldier who will overtake him as an opponent to face the Pheu Thai Party.

measure footprints with

"Mr. Dubai Mall"

The form that has already been shown from the mantra

"Principal" summoned Cobra out of the Pheu Thai camp by 7 votes against the government in voting for the draft principle.

Budget Act 2023

Both "bananas" and "marijuana" at this event, "Cobra" hangs around and raises its neck.

according to the situation

"The ball is in the square", the Sera Krao team, the jealous mood that "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, can only raise a strong voice for the "Seri Cannabis" parade team to understand the society better.

Symptoms such as Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice, the leader of the Pracharat camp parade, jumped on the jam, had to expedite the enactment of laws to cover

prevent damage

Politicians scramble for red flags.

Campaign competition with "free marijuana"

But the “black sin” lies with the doctor and society must suffer the negative consequences.

political news team