Why does everyone love "Governor Chatchat"? Tough and patient..Listen a lot..Speak and do.

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12 Jun 2022 07:14





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Compare yourself to "Thanos", a super villain who does not hope for power.

But wanting to clear the world in order to create a new balance by destroying the old world, but if you ask the new father of Bangkok "Chatchat Sitthiphan"

which superhero do you want to help?

The governor answered without hesitation...can I ask for "Doraemon" because there are many wonderful things?

will make Thai people love each other and unite

As for us people in Bangkok who want to hurry

"Magic door to go anywhere" for a diligent governor

Will be able to warp to clear all missions as quickly as the people!!

"People's problems don't have Saturdays and Sundays. Time is limited to 4 years. Don't stop!!

have to work, work, work, work every day

to awaken Bangkok as a city of hope

and a livable city for everyone

In the past, our country has quarreled a lot.

If I'm running for the last party, I'm going to scold us for things that are not related to Bangkok. I declare as an independent candidate.

because it is believed that more people can be united as one

I will not leave the honor and what people have hoped for here!!

We are real politicians

but want to work in the city

not doing politics

We will not use conflict as a campaign tool.

I believe local politics can do this.

People who choose us come from many parties.

which believes that we can unite people's energy well

We do not have any hidden benefits.

When working, respect everyone. I will always tell the OIC, the owner of the area.

If we respect each other

I believe that everyone wants to work for the benefit of the people.” ...The Governor reiterated his determination.

A landslide victory comes with great expectations.

Do you feel pressured?

I admit the pressure!!

It's like someone ordered us to work.

It's an important order from the people of Bangkok.

Try to turn expectations into cooperation and achieve it.

We represent the people of Bangkok.

Therefore, we have to work for the benefit of the people of Bangkok as the main.

Coordinate with the benefit of the people of Bangkok

not the benefit of the government

We are ready to work with everyone.

and believe that if we can talk and coordinate

by taking advantage of the people as a location

Conflicts will not arise.

Fortunately, there are 214 Action Plans which make it work right away.

Here's 2 more things to think about and I'll keep thinking about more.

From one favorite, the world-forgotten minister became the Bangkok governor, sweeping the highest scores in history.

What made people change their minds to love Chatchat?

I'm still the same "Chatchat" and working hard as usual.

but more is

Improve communication methods for better efficiency.

and reach all target groups more

No matter how much we intend to work

If you can't communicate with others

The chances of success will be less.

At the heart of communication is

pay attention to the audience

Don't put yourself in the spotlight. Listen a lot and see what the audience is interested in.

Do not quarrel

The most important thing is trust.

If we have been trusted

It will make our communication easier.

Goodness and skill must have both.

to gain trust

If we are good at work but selfish habits

It's hard for others to trust us.

or if we are generous people who like to help others

but does not have the ability to do the job

The chances of others trusting you are less.

In life we ​​must build and maintain the best trust.

What do you say, don't make a mistake

How do you cope with the "Chatchat Fever" trend? Are you afraid that your honeymoon is over?

Facebook has 9 hundred thousand followers before the election, now it has increased to 1.9 million. Seriously, it was unexpected.

anyway thank you

Better than being scolded

But now the stream is lighter

This is not something we cling to.

Is there a voice of people calling for a prime minister?

Now I'm not interested in big politics at all.

We focus only on Bangkok.

Dumping waste pipes

And to move forward immediately, including the 216 action plans under the policy 9 aspects 9 good, which are good safety, good creativity, good environment, good economy, good travel, good health, good structure, good education and good management.

which distilled from the real problems of the city's residents

through volunteers and field visits to meet residents all over Bangkok

bring creative ideas together with leading academics from many educational institutions

and ready to act immediately

What is the most urgent task of the new governor?

In addition to 4 urgent policies that must be done immediately, such as flooding problems, road safety and pedestrian crossings, street stalls

and the green line concession

What needs to be accelerated is transparency.

and solving corruption problems

because it has been rooted for a long time

Initially, the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) will be invited to discuss and help look at it as a third party.

We also open an application as a channel for complaints for Bangkokians.

Next, civil servants have to turn their backs on the governor.

and turn to the people more

Anyone who sees any complaints can pick up and do it immediately.

without waiting for orders

What style is "Chatchat Sitthiphan"?

Act as an example of “Leading by Example” if you want him to take care of the people.

We have to go down and take care of the people.

If you want him to be diligent

We have to be diligent to lead first. Another thing is “Walk the Talk”. How to say it and do it?

Empathy for others is important.

We need to know how our underlings are eating and how they live.

I don't like being in a tower.

I want to be the governor, down to earth, anyone can talk to.

In the end, everyone is a colleague.

We are not their boss.

I tell everyone that I like transparency.

There is something to say, don't keep it in your mind.

I like that people can fix it.

It keeps us wrong for a long time!!

Even younger than you can argue with a reason.

The more powerful people, the more people around them don't dare to talk, and they don't dare to argue.

We have to create a culture that people around us dare to argue.

I tell everyone not to call us "Mr." look at us as colleagues.

For me, the governor has two duties, namely being a manager to work on the routine.

The issue of removing the waste pipe must already be done.

Another role is to be the city's strategist CEO.

which I would like to attract the private sector to participate as much as possible

to help develop the city together

must be unified for both the public sector, the private sector, and the people's sector

How many hours do you sleep today?

Many people are worried about the governor's health.

Honestly, I don't sleep very well.

Can sleep no more than 5 hours a day, usually go to bed at 3 p.m., 2 am, then wake up and then sit and work

At four in the morning, he went out for a run and made offerings to monks.

Usually runs around the house and garden.

But after taking the position, he changed to running around the Bangkok City Hall.

After finishing, take a shower and go to work before 6:30 PM. Wherever you run, there are only people submitting complaints.

Running time, in addition to helping to relieve stress.

You can still come up with a lot of new plans.

Many policies were figured out while running.

While running, I still talk and see the real problems of the city people.

My weight lost 10 kg within 2 months because I did IF, ate 6 hours between 8 am and 2 pm and fasted for 18 hours. Slimmer but healthier.

and feeling more active

Usually, I'm a person who wakes up early and doesn't party.

Ask if you're working hard right now.

always working hard

just never broadcast live for people to see before

Governor attends work in the morning

Do civil servants have to adjust?

I came for a run at 4:30 am alone on my own.

and sit in my quiet work

never asked anyone to follow us

I said from the first day that

Everyone has different burdens.

Whose life is it?

You don't have to come running after me. Some people may wake up a bit late but work late at night.

Did not expect everyone to come early like us.

Everything is measured by the 216 results that the policy gives to whether it can be achieved or not.

I spoke and I immediately knew who was working and not working.

Overflowing work like this. Which superhero do you want to help save the world?

Can I ask for "Doraemon" because there are so many wonderful things?

will make Thai people love each other and unite

Ask me why people

quarrel because someone benefits from quarreling

So it's in a bad mood right there.

If Thai people are bound to love each other

In the end, it came to a reason.

Does the governor believe superstitious miracles?

I respected "Phra Brahma Erawan" since childhood.

May what happens is good for the country. If we are (Governor) and good, then let's be...just!!

Really holy.

Thairath Newspaper Team