A boy who was adopted at birth and his biological mother searched for each other for years - and finally discovered they had never been so far away.

According to foreign media, the Telegraph reports, it is about Benjamin Hulleberg and Holly Shearer who quickly discovered in their first meeting that they were working in the same hospital in Salt Lake City.

"It was hard to describe," Hulleberg told HuffPost via Facebook Messenger about his recent meeting with his biological mother.

Shearer is a medical assistant at HCA Healthcare's St.

Mark's Hospital ".

Hulleberg volunteered at the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

"Every morning, I went through the women's ward to get to work," Shearer told Good Morning America on Tuesday.

"So, I passed by every day.

"We parked in the same garage, we could be on the same floor, we had no idea we were so close."

Shearer was only 15 years old when she gave birth to her son.

She began seeking foster parents six months after the pregnancy for fear she could not secure the life she wanted for her child.

Angela and Brian Hulleberg adopted Benjamin on his birthday - Thanksgiving 2001.

The couple was open with Benjamin about his adoption and talked to him regularly about his biological mother, whom he had only known as Holly.

"We knew Holly loved Benjamin from the day she handed him over," Angela Hulleberg told Salt Lake City's KSL news channel.

"She loved him with all her heart and soul."

Benjamin Hulleberg said in a Facebook post in November that he always had "a deep desire to meet his mother" and had been looking for her for years, the Telegraph reports.

He even "wrote letters to Utah adoption agencies, did a DNA test, was registered in the adoption register," he wrote in November 2021. "But nothing."

He did not know that Shearer had already found him on social media.

She had been watching him from afar for years before making the decision in November - two days before her son's 20th birthday - and sent him a Facebook message.

"You do not know me," Shearer had begun her message.

"20 years ago I made the most difficult decision of my life and put my beautiful little child up for adoption in a beautiful family."

Shearer told her message that she "did not intend to turn his life upside down", but wanted him to know that she "had thought of him every day".

"Finally I had the courage to send you a message wishing you a happy birthday," she wrote.

And of course, Benjamin Hulleberg remained stunned.

"I remember exactly where I was when I received the message," he said.

"I was at work.

I was a machine operator and I remember being in car no.

"I was in the middle of our quality checks and I picked up my phone and saw her message and I just answered."

Benjamin Hulleberg told Shearer he wanted to meet her right away and they planned to have dinner with both of their families the next day.

On November 21, 2021, the two finally reunited.

"I have no words to describe the feelings I felt meeting the woman who gave birth to me 20 years ago," Benjamin Hulleberg wrote on Facebook.

"My roots.


"I have never had it in my life."

During their meeting, Benjamin Hulleberg also met his two "half-brothers" and, surprisingly, discovered that he and Shearer were working at the same hospital.

After that, he started visiting Shearer while they were both at work.

"To be able to sit with my biological mother and drink coffee and talk before I go on my shift?

"It was wonderful," he said.

Benjamin Hulleberg told HuffPost that the two even lived together from January to April, an experience he described as "excellent".

He indicated that he would soon be moving to Logan, Utah, for further education.