Thailand fair

Thai Rath Edition

13 Jun 2022 5:36 a.m.





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Thailand enters the city fair again

It is the last time of the current House of Representatives.

That is, an open discussion of distrust.

This time it hit 10.

Ministers from all important coalition parties, starting with the great "Three Phor", three ministers from the Pracharat Party, from the Bhumjai Thai Party.

and the Democratic Party, 2 each

This time, the greats of the 3P group were debated by all, leaving General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Gen. Anupong Paochinda, Interior Minister, Mr. Su. Thin Klangsang, the chairman of the opposition whip, said he would charge the minister with at least five charges.

For example, failure to manage state affairs

corruption exploitation

for self and ethical behavior

Failure to comply with the policies announced to the National Assembly

that has not done or has failed

Rangsiman Rome, a spokesman for the Progressive Party, said the debate would focus on the execution of the dog's head.

Will reveal to the society that the ministers in this government are involved in corruption, using people's tax money sparingly, while Pol.

confident in discussion

Gen. Prayut

But when the resolution is not confident

because the government controls the majority

There may also be a banana giveaway.

Discussion of no confidence in the Prime Minister or Minister is a measure of checks and balances.

the most intense

If the Prime Minister or the Minister has more than half of the members of the House of Representatives who do not trust

must retire

no right to dissolve parliament

to ask for the voice of the people to be relied upon

But usually the opposition loses the resolution.

because the government controls the majority

There have been critics that in recent times the distrust of the debate.

become a festival or city extravaganza

It's a good opportunity to fill the monkeys

from banana consumption

Or is it an opportunity for the Cobra MPs who were kept secretly to show up?

most important

Opportunity for the opposition

to criticize the prime minister without being prosecuted

Part in the discussion, the mistrust is expected.

It will be available in mid-July.

Opposition chairman Whip believes that there may be more than seven Pheu Thai MPs against the opposition's resolution.

which is a respectable measure

in the check and balance of the government

Beware of becoming a detrimental factor for the parliamentary system and democracy.