Police and guards are protesting today.

It will begin in front of the interior and justice ministries and continue with a procession to parliament.

Dissatisfied police officers will gather in front of the Ministry of Interior building at noon. 

Later, the protest will merge with that of the guards in front of the Ministry of Finance building.

Supervisors and police protested on June 12

The Trade Union Federation of the Ministry of the Interior wants at least a 25% increase in salaries and stated that they will not back down from these demands. 

The police are also dissatisfied with the development of the reform so far.

A few days ago, the SFSMVR announced that the changes are currently being carried out without coordination with the unions.

In early June, unions staged brief protests in front of regional police departments in the country.

Prison guards are also protesting.

At 12 o'clock they will gather in front of the Ministry of Justice.

Their demands are also for a 25% increase in salaries, as well as guarantees for more effective social dialogue.