Erion Hasanbelliu was wounded with a gun in Brussels, Belgium, otherwise known as Mikel Rakipllari.

Last night, the Belgian media reported that an assassination attempt had been made on a person who had been injured.

Belgian police have identified the perpetrator and declared him wanted.

Hasanbelliu is a well-known name for Albanian justice, as he is suspected of having been involved in several murders.

Erion Hasanbelliu is suspected of being the driver in the event when he assassinated the businessman Sokol Çapjas, there are also strong suspicions that he was part of the execution of Bledar Muçë.

Erion Hasanbelliu was extradited from Belgium to Albania on October 21, 2013 at the request of Interpol Tirana in 2013, after he and his brother were accused of killing Julian Cela in Belgium in 2002 and seriously injuring him. , Cassander Noga.

Erion's brother, Geron Hasanbelli was handcuffed on June 14, 2013, on Barrikadave Street in Tirana.

His arrest and extradition came after the Court of Fier, with the decision of September 7, 2009, sentenced him to 25 years in prison for committing the criminal offense of "premeditated murder for blood feud committed in collaboration", "premeditated murder for blood feud "committed in collaboration remained attempted," illegal possession of firearms ".

According to the State Police, Erion Hasanbelli in cooperation with his brother Geron Hasanbelli killed the citizens Julian Çela and wounded Kasandër Noga, the latter is suspected to have strong connections with the underworld./Gazeta Shqip