Road users complain that the sign prohibits turning right is small.

Plus it's lying on the ground so you can't see it.

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13 Jun 2022 5:03 a.m.





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  • Can't see New Petchburi Road, outbound at the intersection, cut into Soi Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor), there is a sign, do not turn right

    Small size placed on the ground, low on the ground, the driver complained that he couldn't see. Instead of setting it in the corner before turning, push it to the opposite corner. People who are not familiar with the road can't see the sign, so they stop and wait for the right turn signal. The rear car does. Green eyes, honk the horn, ask the responsible agency to fix it...

  • Floating pipe Villagers in Kam Pang Subdistrict, Non Thai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, have called for irrigation in Nakhon Ratchasima province to change from floating pipes to supply water to bridges from Lam Ta Khong Dam and Bueng Phutsa that flow together in the canal. Otter because the pipe floats too high

    causing the water mass from the Otter Canal to drain less until it overflows on both sides of the canal, flooding the rice fields.

    and the community every year...

  • Afraid to hit the road, the driver used the road to inform Khubon Road, in the area of ​​Wat Khu Bon, Khlong Sam Wa District, Bangkok, heading out to Ram Inthra Road.

    with a barrier rod

    For blocking the road on both sides, tilting into the traffic surface, the rightmost lane about 1 foot, fearing that the car can't see straight, run into an accident

    In this area in the morning and evening, the car is dense. Khlong Sam Wa area can be fixed to be safe too...

  • After being repaired, the villagers of Nong Saeng-Tha Ngam, Samran Sub-district, Samchai District, Kalasin Province, suffered from the flooding from the Phu Phan mountain range, causing the road to be broken, making it impossible for cars to pass through.

    Samran Subdistrict Administrative Organization has brought in machines, demolished the wreckage, drained the floodgates, and filled the compacted soil into a road to be able to travel across in order to solve the initial problem. It would be best to build a bridge, reinforced concrete, so it can resist the wild water.

    You don't have to break every year...

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