According to projections, based on the partial results of the elections, the centrist alliance of French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to retain the parliamentary majority after today's development in the first round of parliamentary elections in France.

According to projections, Macron's party and its allies won between 25 and 26 per cent of the vote, meaning they are almost equal in number to the new left-wing coalition of leftists, socialists and The Green Party, reports T elegrafi.

However, Macron's candidates are expected to win in many areas against left-wing rivals, which will give Macron's alliance a majority.

The Belgian newspaper "Libre" has published an article referring to the first two polls conducted by several institutes for public opinion polls in France, which states that the Centrist Alliance of French President Emmanuel Macron and the ecological left and socialists of Jean-Luc Melanchon , won approximately the same number of votes - about 25 percent.

They are followed by Marin Le Pen's far-right alliance with 18.9 percent, Republicans and their allies with 13.7 percent.

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