Security concerns expressed by Turkey in the context of its opposition to Finland and Sweden's NATO membership are well-founded, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during a visit to Finland today, Reuters reported.

According to Stoltenberg, who met with Finnish President Sauli Ninisto, it is important to note that no other NATO ally has suffered more terrorist attacks than Turkey, and that its concerns must therefore be taken seriously.

Turkey has opposed the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO on the grounds that there are people linked to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), which Ankara said was behind the 2016 coup attempt. and the fact that Finland and Sweden have stopped exporting arms to Turkey in 2019.

"We must take into account the security concerns of all allies, including Turkey's PKK concerns," Stoltenberg was quoted as saying by Turkish private television NTV.

He added that he and his team are in constant contact with representatives of Turkey, Sweden and Finland.

According to the NATO Secretary General, the Alliance's summit in Madrid on June 29-30 was never the deadline for approving the two Scandinavian countries' NATO bids.

He said at the same time that efforts were being made to resolve the issue, responding to Turkey's concerns as soon as possible.

"These are well-founded concerns. Concerns about terrorism and arms exports. No NATO ally has suffered as much from terrorist attacks as Turkey," he added.

Stoltenberg also stressed the important role that Turkey has played in the fight against Islamic State.

"Turkey plays an important role in supporting Ukraine and exporting blocked wheat," he said.

"Therefore, when such an extremely important ally shares that there are concerns about terrorism, we must take this seriously. That is what we are doing. I welcome the clear message from Finland and Sweden that they are ready to raise these issues. "Stoltenberg was quoted as saying by NTV.

Asked if there was any progress in the negotiations with Turkey, the Finnish president said that progress should be seen in the direction that the channels for dialogue are open and the negotiations continue.

Ninistyo also pointed out that his country has no different approach from that of NATO countries regarding Turkey's concerns.