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"I think that Mr. Kiril Petkov is the most dialogical person who united this coalition.

"We continue the change" stands firmly behind the person of Kiril Petkov as Prime Minister, because he can with his conviction and strong will not allow the draining of state money and corrupt deals. "

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The tremors in the coalition 117

Asked whether a rotation is possible in which Asen Vassilev becomes prime minister and Petkov becomes finance minister, the head of the prime minister's office said: "I do not rule it out, but we have not discussed it."

"If we focus on the example that is known to the whole society - I'm talking about the election of the BNB Governor.

"We saw very clearly who the coalition partner is, who behaves authoritarianly, who knocks on the table and says either this person or no one else," she added.

Borislavova commented on an interview given by ITN leader Slavi Trifonov to Radio Darik earlier Sunday.

"My impression from the interview with Mr. Trifonov is that he appeals to how the other coalition partners should listen to him and how they should be responsible.

He is not responsible for what happens and if it is not his, it cannot be anything else.

At the moment, the colleagues from ITN continue not to pick up their phones and we cannot discuss any options for the government and the coalition ", added the head of the cabinet.  

Slavi Trifonov: I have not spoiled anything

Borislavova declined to comment on why Slavi Trifonov announced that ITN was leaving the coalition, but said the reason was not the budget.

"I personally called Mr. Balabanov the night before the Council of Ministers to ask if we should expect surprises from them.

Then, 40 minutes later, he called me back and the answer was no.

Instead, the next day we saw in the Council of Ministers a behavior similar to that of GERB - banging on chairs, slamming doors, demonstratively leaving during the budget vote.

"A budget on which the pension reform depends, the tax relief for working parents," she said.

He added that he could not explain the irresponsible and immoral behavior of ITN.

"What every responsible politician must do is try not to throw the state into chaos," Borislavova explained.

The tremors in the coalition