An illegal migrant has died and 16 others are in hospital after an accident in northern Greece, the DPA news agency reported, quoted by BTA.

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The incident happened after a trafficker transporting illegal migrants tried to avoid a border patrol.

The car was moving from the area of ​​the border with Turkey to western Greece.

The driver lost control of the car, which overturned several times.

16 people who were hospitalized were seriously injured.

They limit the consumption of electricity in state institutions in Greece

Greek police have tightened controls in the area of ​​the main highway in northeastern Greece, as traffickers usually try to smuggle migrants across the Maritsa River on the Greek-Turkish border, transporting them to the west in minibuses, cars and truck bodies. the agency.

Criminal groups use juveniles as drivers, as no serious penalties are provided for them, police said.

With the help of traffickers, illegal migrants try to reach Central and Western Europe or Italy without registering in Greece.

The tariff for their illegal spending ranges between one thousand and seven thousand euros.    

Two smugglers transporting migrants were arrested

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