The main thing at the moment

  • Russian troops continue to storm Severodonetsk, but the city cannot be taken under full control.

  • The General Staff of Ukraine announced the advance of Russian troops to Bakhmut, a few kilometers southeast of the city.

  • 4.5 million Ukrainians returned to Ukraine after leaving at the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

  • Adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine said that the losses of the Ukrainian military now range from 100 to 200 people daily.

100 days of war.

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Independent verification of information about hostilities provided by officials of various parties is not yet possible.

What happens on June 12th

Explosions in Ternopil region

As a result of the explosions in the Chortkiv district of the Ternopil region, there are victims, including children.

This was announced by the head of the Ternopil Regional Military Administration Vladimir Trush.

“On the situation in Chortkiv region.

Fortunately, there are no victims.

We helped the victims all night, including the children. "

Trush noted that work is underway to eliminate the destruction and fix the damaged property of civilians.

What is happening in Russia

Rosaviatsia extended the ban on flights in the south and central Russia until June 18

According to RBC, the restrictions affect Anapa, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol and Elista.

Putin signed a decree to pay 5 million rubles to the families of soldiers killed in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to pay five million rubles to the families of members of the National Guard and the FSB border service who died in the war in Ukraine and during the fighting in Syria.

According to the decree, relatives of Russian "volunteers" killed in Ukraine and Syria will receive the same amount.

Russia last reported its losses in the war with Ukraine on March 25, claiming 1,351 dead and 3,825 wounded.

The Ukrainian General Staff estimates Russia's losses at more than 31,000 soldiers.

Belarus' participation in the war

Belarus has allowed Russia to use its territory to attack Ukraine from the north;

Russians use Belarusian airfields for flights and Belarusian sites for rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities.

At the same time, Belarusians are fighting on the side of Ukraine in various formations.

A battalion named after Kastus Kalinouski has been created, which is now being reorganized into a regiment.

General Staff of Ukraine: in Belarus began to work out the creation of strike groups

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine states that the Belarusian troops are working on the formation of shock units.

"In the Volyn and Polesie directions, according to the inspection plan, by June 11 the Armed Forces of Belarus are working on creating strike groups in one direction and checking the readiness of transport infrastructure to move units," said Speaker of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alyaksandr.

Since the beginning of the war, 61 missiles have been launched from the territory of Belarus in Ukraine, - the General Staff of Ukraine

"There were 1,211 aircraft departures from Belarus - more than 20% of the total - and 61 launches of Iskander cruise missiles to destroy critical infrastructure of Ukraine," said General Staff spokesman Alexei Gromov.

Lukashenko has established a new operational military command in Belarus - the south

This step is motivated by the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine.

Until now, Belarus had two operational commands - the northern and northwestern.

How the world reacts

The Czech Republic will receive 500 Russians and Belarusians persecuted by the authorities under the Foreign Ministry program

The Czech Foreign Ministry has published details of an accelerated immigration program for Russian and Belarusian citizens.

Applications for the program began on May 20 and will last a year, but the quota is only 500 people.

The Czech Republic suspended the issuance of visas to Russians and Belarusians on February 24, immediately after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The World Bank has approved the allocation of $ 1.49 billion to Ukraine

The World Bank has approved $ 1.49 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine, increasing the total planned package of support for the Ukrainian economy to more than $ 4 billion, according to Reuters.

The money will be spent on salaries of state and social workers.

These funds include credit guarantees from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia and a number of other countries.

The project is also supported by parallel funding from Italy and contributions from a new multi-donor trust fund.

The European Union has approved the sixth package of sanctions against Russia and Belarus for attacking Ukraine

The embargo on Russian oil will not be complete, but will cover over 90% of supplies.

Patriarch Kirill was removed from the sanctions list at the request of Hungary.

As part of sanctions, the EU is disconnecting the Belarusian bank from SWIFT.