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13 Jun 2022 5:33 a.m.





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Opening a platform for a new generation of female entrepreneurs, Cartier, a French jewelry brand

has invited visionary female entrepreneurs to share their experiences in establishing businesses that have made a difference to the world and society.

Limitations include how to overcome gender challenges.

and inviting Thai female business owners to take part in the Cartier Women's Initiative, a project that supports and empowers

Portrait of a woman from Cartier.

Pornpriya, Executive Director of Cartier Thailand

Pornpriya Wiwattanachat, Managing Director, Cartier Thailand

said Cartier had always valued and valued women's potential.

The Cartier Women's Initiative was established in 2006 to drive and empower women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

as well as to support capital

Including social and personnel support to expand the business and build leadership skills.

Over the past 15 years, the program has supported 262 female entrepreneurs from 62 countries and provided a total grant of 222.4 million baht. More than 500 students from all over the world and have also collaborated with INSEAD Business School from France.

Cartier invites Thai business women to be a part of this project.

Those interested in joining the Cartier Women's Initiative in 2023 can submit their applications today until 30 June 20. See more at

Dr. Kanphatsorn, MD.

At the event, female entrepreneurs were also invited to discuss the limitations that make running a business challenging



The founder of mental health consulting app Ooca says that in the past, mental health issues were not as open-ended as they are today.

People with problems will not dare to show it.

Access is difficult

in spite of the fact that mental health problems are important

Thus, the Ooca app was created to make it easier for the public to access psychologists and psychiatrists.

And create business opportunities for psychologists and psychiatrists to reach more patients more easily as well.

During the fundraising, many barriers to gender inequality were encountered.

from disrespectful or unfair

or seeing a business as a finalist or fundraising just because the project demands a feminine quota.

without discerning the essence of the benefits of our real business. So a really female friendly atmosphere.

Therefore, it is very important that the Cartier Women's Initiative can be a truly important part of supporting women entrepreneurs.

Net Suphatavanich

Net Suphattavanich

, co-founder of ila (Aila), a startup that focuses on gender equality,

said that the aim of our business is

Want to create a society where women do not face violence? App Ally, a British development company.

It will help turn any public or retail space into a safe space free from sexual harassment.

Obstacles that are often encountered

is time to fundraise


Women receive less fundraising than men. Thailand rarely has projects that send

Encourage women to exchange ideas and business experiences.

Glad to see the Cartier Women's Initiative in Thailand.

Chawisa Chen


, Chawisa Chen, founder of Wendays, an organic and biodegradable sanitary napkin brand,

revealed that Wendays was caused by an allergy to women's sanitary napkins.

Which is a big deal and there are no products on the market that solve the problem.

Including no innovation that cares about this matter.

therefore developed into a brand of biodegradable sanitary napkins

Solve sensitive problems and save the world

The obstacles faced in doing business are invisible but real.

And unconsciously absorbed is Invisible Soft Power, the cultures that society paints for women to be instilled in them as ladies.

Sexual products that require saying certain words that society might find vulgar but that must be said without embarrassment. It is also very important to gain encouragement and empathy as a woman.